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Koh Samui Beach Resort - The Passage
Chaba Spa

Kiss goodbye to stress.

Experience relaxing spa treatments, where the traditions of Asian herbal medicine are blended with the art of massage.

Both heat and healing essences from indigenous herbs are applied to balance the elements in your body: earth, water, wind and fire. All tensions will disappear, toxins will be flushed away, your immunity levels will increase, bringing your physical and mental spirit to heavenly highs.

To strengthen the bodies ability to repair itself and to achieve optimal good health, the four elements of the body must be in perfect harmony and balance. Stress can be a key factor in unbalancing these elements, and often this can take place without us even realising.

Financial or medical concerns might be covered practically by income protection and medical insurance, but such worries can still continue within the mind, which can lead to tension and discord within the body. Our healing massage sessions therefore seek to balance these elements within your body.

This will help to get rid of toxins, increase immunity and bring your physical condition and spirit back to a state of well-being and enhance longevity.

Traditionally Natural Products

Products used must meet the stringent standards and code of ethics passed down through generations of traditional Thai herbalists. Raw materials are derived from herbs grow, harvested and preserved in the prescribed manner and the compounding of medicine is strictly controlled by certified traditional Thai herbalists, complimenting the spa’s concept to suit individual needs and preferences. No petrochemicals, synthetic perfumes or colors are allowed.

Chaba Spa Menu

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Recommended Koh Samui Spa Packages

Sunny Day

Sunshine is necessary to promote both physical and emotional well-being; lifting the mood and spirit whilst helping the body gain life-essential vitamin D. But when you overdose on sunshine your skin needs a solution.

The ultimate answer to rejuvenating your sunburnt skin is spa-ing with synergistic blending of Aloe Vera, soothing essential oils, a chlorophyll wrap using Spirulina algae and a healing touch. All offering the earthen magic to encourage healing of damaged tissue, sooth the muscles, cool the skin and calm the mind after spending a good time in the sun.

Rejuvenating Spa Treatments

Soother After Sun 120 Min.

  • Amazing Aloe After Sun Body Mask
  • Bye Bye Burn Aromatherapy Body Massage
  • Magnifique Aloe After Sun Facial Treatment

Jolly Sun Shine 180 Min.

  • Amazing Aloe After Sun Body Mask
  • Special Body Massage- Bye Bye Burn Aromatic Oil
  • Magnifique Aloe After Sun Facial Treatment


Tradition of Relaxation

Traditional Thai medicine regards good health as the result of a harmonious balance of elements and energy. Nature- our own body is the best healer and we aims to strengthen that inner balance so that healing takes place naturally and effectively.

Activities, lifestyles, emotions, certain kinds of food and weather conditions can disturb the balance of elements and energy. Heat, herbs, bath and traditional massages are the holistic remedies that instill a sense of mental and physical harmony.

When energy flows and elements are in balance health is maintained, youthfulness is preserved, self- healing is promoted and well-being is restored.

Rejuvenating Spa Treatments

Sense of Massage (180 min)

  • Thai Massage
  • Aromatherapy Body Massage
  • Relaxing Foot Massage

Take it easy

Tight budgets, impossible deadlines, too much time in front of your laptop and poor diet combine to
stress you out. If not handled properly, stress can become a problem that can impact virtually every area of life. Burn-out, fatigue, illness and insomnia are all the result of stress overload.

Let's chill.

Our spa shares the quick-fix ways of tranquility to return your mind and body to a state of serenity. With a superb mixture of natural solutions and the healing touch from traditional massage, these leisurely spa sessions will help
release the stress in you, reduce the symptoms of overload and promote deep relaxation.

Rejuvenating Spa Treatments

Time to Relax 120 Min.

  • Thai's Heritage Turmeric Body Scrub
  • Aromatherapy Body Massage
  • Thai Herb Purifying Facial Treatment

Ritual of Relaxation (150 min)

  • Thai's Heritage Turmeric Scrub
  • Aromatherapy Body Massage
  • Relaxing Foot Massage

The Passage Relax 120 Min.

  • Thai's Heritage Turmeric Scrub
  • The Passage Special Body Massage
  • Thai Herb Purifying Facial Treatment

Potent Purification

Unhealthy habits or casual neglect can leave the body tissues in a state of toxicity.
When your energy levels are low, creativity and productivity decreases, the immune
system is week and the complexion dulls, you are in real need of purification.
Nutritional balance in a pleasurable yet healthy diet and cleansing spa sessions are the

The powerful detoxifier Spirulina algae, marine seaweed, purifying essential oils
accompanied by therapeutic bath and acupressure massage will deeply cleanse and
totally detoxify both body and mind. By combating the effects of toxin over-load,
water retention is relived, sluggish circulation is improved, the appearance of cellulite
is lessened and the mind is energized. The whole system is empowered and back on
the path to optimal health.

Rejuvenating Spa Treatments

Totally Purified (150 min)

  • Wholesome Sea Detoxifying BodyWrap
  • Aromatherapy Body Massage
  • Thai Herb Purifying Facial Spa

The Passage Purification (180 min)

  • Thai's Heritage Turmeric Scrub
  • Wholesome Sea Detoxifying BodyWrap
  • The Passage Special Body Massage – Purifying Aromatic Oil

The Luxury of Royal Thai Silk

First revealed to the world by Sukko Spa, Thai silk is not only luxuriously luscious on
your skin, but also offers you a youthful complexion. Rich in essential amino acids and
antioxidants, this golden silk powder will boost the formation of collagen and elastin
fiber and counteract signs of aging.

These are luxurious silk -spa sessions designed to fulfill the desire for youthfulness.
Royal Thai Silk mask along with acupressure facial massage using Rose and Neroli
essential oils will not only restore a glow to your face, but will work deeper levels on
the rest of the body.

Rejuvenating Spa Treatments

Silk Spa (180 min)

  • Exclusive Royal Thai Silk BodyWrap
  • The Passage Special Body Massage
  • Exclusive Royal Thai Silk Facial Treatment

Senses of Silk (180 min)

  • Thai's Heritage Turmeric Scrub
  • Exclusive Royal Thai Silk BodyWrap
  • Aromatherapy Body Massage
  • Exclusive Royal Thai S ilk Facial Spa


Stay Beautiful

The outer appearance is a reflection of the beauty within, the fruit of emotional well being. The pleasure of doing something good for the body also flatters the soul. Thus, spoiling yourself in a beautiful spa session does not only promote beauty but extends to your self-confidence and charisma.

Add these fabulous sessions for a touch of glamour. Being pampered both body and soul with the Thai healing legacy. Come experience the benefits of the healing properties of nature, relying on its life force to deliver goodness and see the wonders it can do for you. 


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