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Koh Samui Beach Resort - The Passage

A Guide to Koh Samui Island

Your Samui Handbook

Koh Samui Island is the third largest island of Thailand after Phuket and Koh Chang and one of the most popular destinations for travelers. In recent years it has developed into one of Thailand's most famous beach resort destination but, despite the recent develpoment Koh Samui still manages to retain its charm - from gorgeous coconut tree fringed beaches to tropical jungles to the vibrant nightlife that surrounds Chaweng, to the beautiful waterfalls that are dotted around the island.

Koh Samui Beaches

Although well known, the beaches at Chaweng and Lamai cam be overcrowded at high season so we recommend visiting the gorgeous Kao Laem Yai beach on which our resort is situated.

Kao Laem Yai beach is very peaceful, benefits from the minimal development on the west coast of the island and allows visitors to our island to experience the wonderful sunsets that so often grace the Koh Samui skies at dusk. The sight of that big orange ball falling slowly beyond the distant islands of Angthong national park is truly magical and will certainly set your pulses racing.

We recommend taking out one of our resorts complimentary kayaks and "chasing the sunset" in the mirror like waters offshore. Bring your camera and share the amazing experience with all your friends and family.

Accommodations on Koh Samui Island range from bungalows and villas to 5 star boutique resorts and are suitable for all budgets. Restaurants of all flavors invite for delicious wining and dining and spas and massage facilities for rejuvenation. Activities include elephant trekking, canoeing, sailing, diving, golfing, fishing, biking and all you can think of. There is also a lot to see, like waterfalls, temples and jungles as well as a butterfly garden, an aquarium and tiger zoo, monkey theatre, snake and crocodile farm and a tropical zoo to name some. Day tours to the neighbor islands of Koh Phangan, Koh Tao and the Angthong Marine National Park are well worth to attend.

Other Ko Samui beaches

Chaweng Beach of Koh Samui : is the most popular area on Koh Samui Island with 6km of a white sandy beach and clear waters. With plenty of hotels and resorts, restaurants, spas, discotheques, bars and shopping facilities it is the main tourist center and nightlife area. As the sea is partly shallow most of the year it is the perfect place for families with small kids and all kind of water sports can be enjoyed. After a relaxing day on the beach you can have a dinner in one of the seafood restaurants, sip a drink at a bar or just stroll along the beach road to fulfill your shopping desires.

Coral Cove Beach of Koh Samui: Located between Chaweng and Lamai has some small secluded beaches like Thongtakian and is a good for snorkeling on Koh Samui Island. Some resorts are nestled at the hillside with magnificent views over Chaweng Beach. It is only a 10 minutes drive to either Lamai or Chaweng to do some shopping or to enjoy the nightlife. It is a perfect place for travelers preferring a more tranquil and quiet holiday.

Lamai Beach of Koh Samui: is the second popular beach on Koh Samui Island after Chaweng and stretches over 4km along the East coast. The beach is not as wide as Chaweng and the sea gets quickly deeper making it perfect for swimming and water sports. At the southern end of the beach the famous Grandfather & Grandmother rock formations called Hin Ta - Hin Yai, stretch their bizarre shapes in the sky. Restaurants, spas, bars and shopping opportunities are plentiful and the nightlife is just second to Chaweng.

Hua Thanon Beach of Koh Samui: A 10 minute drive south of Lamai is the home of the Muslim fishing community with a daily fresh seafood market and dozens of colorful longtail-boats. The Koh Samui Aquarium and the Butterfly Garden are located there. Luxurious boutique resorts on Koh Samui Island on the tranquil beaches of Laem Set, Bang Kao and the hillsides offer scenic views to the nearby islands of Koh Tan and Koh Matsum and the mainland at the horizon. There is no nightlife but all for a relaxing and quiet holiday.

Bang Kao Beach of Koh Samui: Locatd at the south coast of on Koh Samui Island consists of some smaller beaches with breathtaking views to the islands dotted at the horizon. A famous landmark is the Laem Sor Chedi sitting at the rocky water’s edge. There are lots of luxurious boutique resorts and private villas offering a tranquil atmosphere with beachside restaurants and spas to lift your spirit and body. The Koh Samui Butterfly Garden and Koh Samui Aquarium are just a stones throw away while the nightlife and shopping area of Lamai can be reached within 15 minutes.

Taling Ngam Beach of Koh Samui: This pristine bay stretching along the south-west coast of Koh Samui is still unspoiled and has spectacular views to nearby islands and the mainland. Coral reefs just a stones throw from the beach makes it a paradise for snorkelers. Luxurious resorts on Koh Samui Island along the beach offer all the facilities you might need and the restaurants make for some fine wining and dining experience. It is about a 20 minute drive to Nathon if you need to do some shopping and 30 minutes to the bustling nightlife of Lamai or Chaweng.

Lipa Noi Beach of Koh Samui: or Sunset Beach, is the most serene and untouched beach at the west coast of Koh Samui just 5 minutes from the ferry pier. It is the place for peaceful and quiet beach holidays away from the crowds with beautiful sunsets and scenic views of the Angthong National Marine Park and the mainland. As there are only a view resorts along the beach you will have plenty of space on the crystal clear sea. There is not much around but Nathons shopping area is only 4 km away.

Nathon Beach of Koh Samui: The capital of Koh Samui has still preserved its charm as a harbor town and is scattered with all kind of shops, markets, banks and restaurants. Nathon is the major harbor for the ferries from the mainland, the boats to Koh Phangan, Koh Tao and the Angthong National Marine Park and is the main hub for goods from the mainland. There are only a few hotels mostly used as a stopover for early transfers to other destinations.

Coral Cove Beach of Koh Samui: Located between Chaweng and Lamai has some small secluded beaches like Thongtakian and is a good for snorkeling. Some resorts on Koh Samui Island are nestled at the hillside with magnificent views over Chaweng Beach. It is only a 10 minutes drive to either Lamai or Chaweng to do some shopping or to enjoy the nightlife. It is a perfect place for travelers preferring a more tranquil and quiet holiday.

Maenam Beach of Koh Samui: is located in the North of on Koh Samui Island with smooth sand and good swimming preferences. Maenam beach is perfect for families with small children as the water is shallow and there is no noise from nightlife or traffic. At Maenam pier speedboats leave daily to Koh Tao and shopping opportunities as well as restaurants are located in the area. It is just a 20 minute drive to the action in Chaweng and 10 minutes to Bophut’s Fisherman Village for some fine wining and dining.

Bophut Beach of Koh Samui: Located in the North of on Koh Samui Island. Between Maenam and Chaweng, Bophut consists of the Fisherman's Village and the beaches West of it. The beach at the village is small and not to suitable for swimming as there are many tour and diving boats going from here to other islands. It still conveys the atmosphere of a small fisher village but there are plenty of restaurants and shops as well as cafes and bars to enjoy a beautiful sunset with Koh Phangan at the horizon.

Big Buddha Beach of Koh Samui: Is located in the Northeast of on Koh Samui Island has smooth sand, good swimming preferences and safe for children. From here you have fantastic views over the 12 meter high golden Big Buddha and Koh Phangan. Big Buddha Beach has everything to offer like restaurants, bars and shopping opportunities and all kind of accommodations on Koh Samui Island from simple beach huts to tropical resorts catering to all budgets. The nightlife of Chaweng is just a 15min drive away and daily boats to Koh Phangan and the monthly Full Moon Party are leaving from here.

Choengmon Beach of Koh Samui: The secluded beach on Koh Samui Island, 4 km north of Chaweng Beach and 5 minutes from Bophuts Fisherman’s Village, is the perfect beach for families and couples who want to enjoy peaceful and quiet beach holidays. The water is comparative shallow and makes it safe for children to play and snorkelers can explore the colorful underwater world right from the beach. Accommodations dotted along the coastline catering for all budgets. Water sports, like wind surfing and canoeing, and other activities are readily available as well as some shopping opportunities and restaurants.


Direct Flights to/from Koh Samui
• Domestic Air-travel directly Bangkok - Koh Samui
• Domestic Air-travel to Surat Thani followed by bus/ferry transfer to Koh Samui.

Suvarnabhumi Airport:
Suvarnabhumi Airport Meaning a " Golden Land ". Covers an area of some 20,000 rais (8,000 acres). The new international airport is located about 15 km of on the east-bound Bangna-Trat Highway in Bang Phli District, Samut Prakarn Province and is about 25 km. from downtown Bangkok. It is accessible via five routes.

Direct flight to Koh Samui:
Fare is the most expensive but obviously the fastest, ideal for the persons who have only a little time. The direct flights from Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) to Koh Samui are by Bangkok Airways and 2 flights daily by Thai Airways.

Flight to Surat Thani - transfer to Koh Samui:
Or you can fly to Suratthani (Thai Airways or One To Go). From the airport there are minibuses which shuttle up to Donsak's port, the ferry boats place of departure

** Make Sure not go by evening flights because you won't be able to catch a ferry boat to Koh Samui and you have to spend a night in Suratthani. **

Regulations for carry-on baggage
AdviceAll travellers arriving at Koh Samui Airport should use the pick-up service of their hotel
(which is the most convenient way) or the transfer service provided through

Important note:
Take care of your baggage in Bangkok or you will arrive at Koh Samui without any!
Your baggage will not be redirected automatically at Bangkok Airport, so you have to pick it up, move to domestic terminal and check-in your baggage again.

To avoid any confusion when arriving at Bangkok Int. Airport, read our details. After arriving at Surat Thani Airport (about 1 hour), you can take an air-conditioned bus to Koh Samui. Tickets are also available at Bangkok Airport.

Surat Thani - Koh Samui By Ferry
The ferry transfer is included in the bus fare because the bus uses the ferry (it cannot swim . . . :-)
On the island the bus first stops at the ferry pier and then at Nathon Pier. Remember to tell the resort where and when you want to be picked up. (Surat Thani - Koh Samui app. 3 hours, ferry included).

Long rather narrow boat, lots of backpackers but which has its charm and all the transfers are easy.

The connection from Suratthani city. Not more than 2 hours, you will arrive directly at Nathon's port. A little more expensive than the other boats, but air-conditioning and practical.

About 1 hour and a half to Koh Samui, can contain vehicles, small snack bar inside, full of seats and an "air-conditioning" cabin.

There are two companies which provide sea transfer from Suratthani (Donsak Pier):
- Seatran Ferry departure from Donsak Pier arrival at Nathon pier.
- Raja Ferry departure from Donsak Pier arrival at Lipanoi pier

Expensive but very fast (Koh Tao-Koh Phan-Ngan = 45 minutes, normal boat = 2 hours). Used a lot from Koh Tao or by various daytrips tours and some diving schools.

Kho Samui Tourist Attractions

The Big Buddha
Kho Samui's most popular attraction, The Big Buddha sitting 15 meters tall was built in 1972 by the local society to give visitors a place to pay respect to The Lord Buddha. This monumental landmark is placed on the island's Northern shore.

Kho Samui Hin Ta - Hin Yai
Strangely shaped rocks at south Lamai. A local story tells of an old couple whose ship was wrecked in the bay. Their body's were washed ashore to create the rocks

Hin Lad Waterfall
Hin Lad Waterfall is located 2 km south of Nathon Town.He can be reached by a 3-4 kilometer walk down a country foot walk. In evergreen, rain forest setting with palms and creepers, the waterfall have several levels with a cool pool for a fresh water swim.

Ancient House
A house made of teakwood without any nails at Ban Thale is the oldest house on the Kho Samui island. It was built approximately 150 years ago, is constructed of teak planks and shows off many beautiful woodcarvings.

Snake Farm
A definite must see for all those visiting the Kho Samui island. Shows featuring snakes indigenous to Kho Samui as well as Centipede, Scorpion and Cock Fighting shows. Informative and entertaining. Great for the entire family and worth looking for. Follow the signs seen throughout the island. Show times are 11.00 and 14.00 everyday.

Paradise Park Farm
Kho Samui's lates and biggest attraction! Set on 20 acres of land, Paradise Park Farm is a spectacle. Spend a day, or two, in the cool air of Kho Samui's highest mountain covered by tropical rainforest. Surround yourself by water falls, small rivers, canyons and exotic birds and wildlife.

Kho Samui nightlife
Bars, cabarets shows and discos are mainly in Chaweng and Lamai located. Green Mango, Raggae Pub and Full Circle are the main discotheques.

Thai Boxing
The undisputed national sport of Thailand, a Muay Thai professional bout can be seen at the Chaweng Stadium of Kho Samui Island every Monday and Friday, while the Lamai stadium stages fights every Saturday.


Canopy Adventures - Secret Falls Kho Samui
Cable Rides Rainforest Tour;
An adventure you'll never forget.
Flora, Fauna, waterfalls and an adventure
you'll never forget!
- 6 Different treehouses
- 6 Separate cable ride for over
500 meters of excitement
- Waterfalls & fantastic views
- Jungle "Hammock" Bar
- No experience necessary
- Free shuttle every hour

Namuang Waterfall
Namuang Waterfall is located 10 km south from Nathon at Ban Thurian. There are 2 waterfalls in Kho Samui. Na Muang one is 18 meter high and can be reached by vehicle.
Na Muang two is about 80 meters high and can only be reached by a 30 minute walk. The waterfalls are the most scenic on the Kho Samui island

Kho Samui Sawadee Shrine
The Brahma of Sawadee is an important being..a central image for reverence and faith.
The number of visitors is rising every day because people have faith in His greatness extending out kindness and mercifulness and thus creating happiness and peacefulness to to those coming to pay Him respect.

Magic Buddha Garden
The magic Buddha garden is hidden in the hills of Kho Samui. You can see several statues, temples and waterfalls which are build by one man in the last 20 years.

Butterfly Garden
Na Tian Butterfly Garden is situated at the bottom of the hill south of the island. Apart from the numerous species of butterflies on display, there are also other interesting features in the garden: The bee house, a Thai style house which allows the visitor to observe the activities of bees. The insect museum, rare insects from Thailand and other countries are displayed here.

Scuba Diving
Diving, snorkeling, fishing. There are many scuba diving schools located around Kho Samui, offering a wide range of dive facilities. There are also tours available for snorkeling, fishing and excursions. The area of Kho Samui, Koh Tao, Koh Phangan and Angthong Marine National Park are very famous dive places.

Dining and restaurants.
The Seafood is well known in Kho Samui. Restaurant around the island offer Thai-, European-food and other specialties. You should also try the large range of tropical fruits and a fresh coconut.

Kho Samui Go Kart
Located close to Chaweng this simple Go Kart track has two types of karts available, a slow kart and a fast kart. The slow kart will cost you a staggering 300 Baht for 10 minutes and the fast kart 400 Baht for 10 Minutes. If you want additional time then discounts are not given but extra time is offered as an incentive. For example pay for 20 minutes at full rate and get 24 minutes in return.

RB Kho Samui
The "Coolest and Newest" adventure on Kho Samui. Completely safe and fun for all ages. As seen on TV. No experience necessary. Enjoy the Ride.

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